Tài liệu

A. Chuyên ngành cơ khí:

A1. AWS Jefferson’s Welding Encyclopedia-Robert L.O’Brien

A2. Centrifugal and Rotary Pumps- Fundamentals with Applications – Nelik

A3. Compliant Mechanisms-Design of Flexure Hinges-Nicolae Lobontiu

A4. Dimensioning and Tolerancing Handbook-Paul Drake

A5. Dynamic Mechanical Analysis A Practical Introduction-Kenvil P.Menard


A7. Engineers Guide to Pressure Equipment-Clifford Matthews

A8. Handbook of Molded Part Shrinkage and Warpage-Jerry M.Fisher

A9.  Mechanical Engineering Hanbbok .2005-Frank Kreith

A10. Mechanism Design – Enumeration of Kinematic Structures According to Function-Lung-Wen Tsai

A11. Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Sourcebook  3 Edition-Nail Sclater

A12. Plastic-Boree


A14. The Welding of Aluminium and Its Alloys-Gene Mathers

A15. Welded Design – Theory and Practice-John Hicks

A16. Pilgrim_K[1].M.__Combinations_of_complex_dynamical_systems__S-Kenvin M.Pilgrim

A17. Advanced_Vehicle_Technology-Heinz Heisler

A18. An Introduction to Predictive Maintenance, Second Edition (Plant)-R.Keith Mobley

A19. Blow out and well control-Robert D.Grace

A20. Cam Design Handbook – Dynamics and Accuracy-Harold A.Rothbart

A21. D.V.Hutton – Fundamentals of finite element analysis-David V.Hutton

A22. Elsevier.Valve.Selection.Handbook.5th.Edition.eBook-TLFeBOOK- Elsevier.Valve – Peter Smith & R.W.Zappe

A23. Engineering.Problem.Solving.A.Classical.Perspective.eBook-EEn- Milton C.Shaw

A24. Finite Element Procedures, Bathe K-J., 1996 – Klaus & Jurgen Bathe

A25. Fundamentals Of Engineering – Reference Handbook-Natinonal Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying.

A26. Fundamentals_of_Robotic_Mechanical_Systems – Jorge Angeles

A27. Industrial Machinery Repair  Best Maintenance Practices Pocket Guide – Ricky Smith – R.Keith Mobley

A28. J.A.C.Broekaert – Analytic Atomic Spectroscopy with Flames and Plasmas – Jose A. C. Broekaert

A29. Electric Vehicle Technology Explained – J.Larminie & John Lowry

A30. Dynamical systems – S N.Chow & R.Johnson

A31.John.Wiley.and.Sons.AutoCAD.2005.For.Dummies.May.2004.eBook – Mark Middlebrook

A32. McGraw.Hill.Electromechanical.Design.Handbook.3rd.Edition – Ronald A.Wlash

A33. Mechanical Engineer Handbook – J. David Irwin

A34. Nonlinear Continuum Mechanics for Finite Element Analysis – Javier Bonet & Richard D.Wood

A35. Nonlinear Oscillations – Ali Hasan Nayfeh & Dean  T.Mook

A36. Osprey – New Vanguard 016 – Leopard 1 Main Battle Tank 1965-1995 – Michael Jerchel Peter Sarson

A37. Otimization of Dynamic System – Uwe Helmke

A38. Oxygen-Enhanced Combustion (C. E. Baukal) – Charles  E. Baukai. Jr

A39. Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants Volume 1, Third Edition – Heinz P.Bloch

A40. Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants Volume 3, Second Edition – Heinz P.Bloch & Fred K.Geither

A41.Practical_Troubleshooting_of_Electrical_Equipment_and_Control_Circuits – Mark Brown

A42. Process Selection, Second Edition – K. G Swift & J D Booker

A43. Pump User Handbook – F. Pollak

A44. R.C.Davidson – Theory of Nonneutral Plasmas – Ronald C. Davidson

A45. Root Cause Failure Analysis – R. Keith Mobley

A46.Springer.Advanced.Structural.Dynamics.and.Active.Control.of.Structures.March.2004.eBook- Wodek K. Gawronski

A47. Springer.Fundamentals.of.Applied.Dynamics.Jan.2004 – Roberto A. Tenenbaum

A48. Systems Approach to Engineering Design – Artech House – Peter H. Sydenham

A49. The Finite Element Method – A practical course – G. R. Liu & and S. S. Quek

A50. The finite element method. Solid mechanics – O.C Zien Kiewicz & R. L. Taylor

A51. The Haynes Welding Manual – Jay Storer & John H Haynes

A52. Welding Metallurgy Kou 2002.0471434914 – Sindo Kou

A53. AutoCAD 2005 – Mark Middle Brook

A54. CAD_CAM Book – Vito Albino & O.Geoffrey Okogbaa

A55. 3dstudiomax4bible – Kelly L. Murdock

A.56 Bài giảng điện tử môn học Cơ Sở Thiết Kế Máy – Trần Thiên Phúc
Tài liệu được soạn trên nền sách giáo khoa Cơ Sở Thiết Kế Máy của TS. Nguyễn Hữu Lộc và soạn bằng phần mềm Power point.

A.57 Fundamental of machine design – P. Orlov 
Một bộ sách cung cấp khá đầy đủ kiến thức về thiết kế máy cho các bạn chuyên ngành cơ khí. Sách cung cấp các quan điểm thiết kế, cơ sở lý luận thiết kế và những số liệu thực tế cho người sử dụng. Trân trọng cám ơn hai bạn Hàn Văn Long và Nguyễn Văn Bảo đã giúp chuyển tài liệu giấy này sang tài liệu điện tử. 

B. Chuyên ngành cơ điện tử (điều khiển tự động và kỹ thuật robot):

B1. COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN,ENGINEERING, AND MANUFACTURINGSystems Techniques And Applications-Volume IV- Vito Albino.

B2. Simulate Human- Norman I. Badder.

B3. www[1].STADTAUS.com_Machatronic issues 3-4- Heon Park_ JangMyung Lee.

B4. Ar02_tech House – An Introduction to Microelectromechanical Systems Engineering – 2nd Edition – 2004 – Nadim Maluf_ Kirt Williams.

B5. Elsevier, Sensor Technology Handbook_MAZ – Jon Wilson.

B6. learn about driving motor- Unknown.

B7. MEMS_Mechanical_Sensors- Stephen Beedy_Graham Ensell.

B8. Open-Source Robotics and Process Control Cookbook — Designing and Building Robust, Dependable Real-time Systems by Lewin A.R.W. Edwards (2005)- Lewin A.R.W. Edwards.

B9. Pic Microcontroller Project Book(Mcgraw) — Iovine

B10. PIC Microcontrollers for Beginners Book (2000)- www.mikroelektronika.co.yu.

B11. tech House – An Introduction to Microelectromechanical Systems Engineering – 2nd Edition – 2004 – Nadim Maluf_ Kirt Williams.

B12. Mcgraw.Hill,.Make.Yourself.A.Millionaire.(2003).Lib- Charles C. Zhang.

B13. McGraw.Hill.-.The.Ultimate.Palm.Robot – Kelvin Mukhar.

B14. McGraw.Hill-Build.a.Remote.Controlled.Robot.Shareheaven.net – David R. Chircliff.

B15. mcgraw-hil, pic robotics — a beginner’s guide to robotics projects using the picmicro – Unknown.

B16. McGraw-Hill – Build a Remote Controlled Robot by David R. Shircliff – (2002)

B17. McGraw-Hill – Robots Androids and Animatrons by John Lovine (2.edition) (2002)

B18. McGraw-Hill – The Ultimate Palm Robot by Kevin Mukhar & Dave Johnson (2003)

B19. Mcgraw-Hill-Robot.Mechanisms.And.Mechanical.Devices.Illustrated-(2003)-(By.Laxxuss).Shareheaven.net

B20. MiniBookRobot-Unknown

B21. MobileRobotCourseNote1-USA collection

B22. MPASM MPLINK MPLIB User’s Guide-(Chinese)

B23. Newnes.Designing.Mobile.Autonomous.Robots.ebook-TLFeBOOK

B24. pic basic-Chuck Hellebuyck

B25. Prentice Hall – Introductory Robotics by J. M. Selig (1992)

B26. Representing.the.Knowledge.of.a.Robot-Michael Thiesther

B27. Robot Mechanisms And Mechanical Devices Illustrated – McGraw Hill

B28. ROBOTICS Designing the Mechanisms for Automated Machinery (2nd Edition) by Ben-Zion Sandier (1999)

B29. robotics_Designing_the_Mechanisms_for_Automated_Machinery

B30. Springer.Landscape.Simulation.Modeling.Oct.2004.eBook-LinG-Matthias Ruth Bruce Hannon

B31. The_Unofficial_Guide_To_Lego_Mindstorm_Robots__size_A4-Jonathan B. Knudsen

B32. www[1].STADTAUS.com_Sensor bases manupulation for multifingered robotic hand-Shilong Jiang

C. Chuyên ngành điện:

C1. Basic of Electrical Product-Michael J. Pont

C2. AC Power Systems Handbook Second Edition-Unknown

C3. Addison.Wesley.PCI.Express.System.Architecture

C4. Advanced Digital Signal Processing And Noise Reduction 2Ed_MAZ-Willey

C5. An Introduction to Programming the Microchip PIC in C-Nigel Gardner

C6. Art and Science of Analog Circuit Design-Jim Williams

C7. Digital[1].Signal.Processing.System-Level.Design.Using.LabVIEW_MAZ-Nasser Kehtarnavaz and Namjin Kim

C8. Electrical[1].and.Electronic.Principles.and.Technology_MAZ-Nasser Kehtarnavaz and Namjin Kim

C9. Electronic_Materials_Science-Feb2005-Eugene A. Irene

C10. ElectronicPowerUnits_muyace

C11. Elsevier__Sensor_Technology_Handbook_MAZ-Jon S. Wilson

C12. Embedded System Design Using 8031 Microcontrollers-Balaji

C13. Everyday Practical Electronics, Vol.35, No.1-Unknown

C14. Handbook_of_Electrical_Design_Details-Neil

C15. Handbook_of_Small_Electric_Motors_MAZ-Mark A. Juds,Earl F. Richards,William H. Yeadon

C16. Hardware – Circuit Analysis – Theory and Practice 2Ed

C17. LabVIEW[1].Digital.Signal.Processing_MAZ-McGraw.Hill

C18. lost cost isolation amplifier suits industrial appication-Group

C19. Modeling and Simulation-Unknown

C20. Myke_Predko-Programming_and_customizing_PIC_microcontroller_MAZ[1]

C21. operating and service manual-Hewlet

C22. PIC_microcontroller_project_book_MAZ-John Iovine

C23. Practical[1].Analog.and.Digital.Filter.Design_MAZ

C24. Prentice_Hall_-_Modern_Power_Electronics_And_Ac_Drives_MAZ

C25. RF And Baseband Techniques for Software Defined Radio

C26. Signal Detection And Estimation

C27. Technician’s Guide to the 68HC11 Microcontroller

C28. The Electrical Engineering Handbook

C29. The_8051_Microcontroller_MAZ

C30. The_Circuit_Designers_Companion_MAZ

C31. www[1].STADTAUS.com_Science – Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms

C32. Analog and Digital Control System Design

C33. McGraw-Hill – Electrical Engineer’s Portable Handbook by Robert B. Hickey (2.edition) (2004)

C34. The Electrical Engineering Handbook

C35. The_Handbook_of_Optical_Communication_Networks__CRC_-_2003_

C36. Theory And Design Of Electrical And Electronic Circuits


C38. X10Interface_5989-1242EN 

D. Chuyên ngành xây dựng:

D1. BreakwatesClosureDams

D2. Handbook of Analytical Techniques in Concrete Science and Technology

D3. Mechanics of Solids and Shells Theories and Approximations

D4. ABC-Clio Inc – 2001 – Encyclopedia of Architectural and Engineering Feats – ISBN 157607112X – 388s


D6. Building Design and Construction Handbook

D7. Civil Engineering Formulas

D8. Roark’s Formulas For Stress And Strain

D9. Systems Approach to Engineering Design – Artech House

D10. Civil Engineering Formulas Pocket Guide

D11. The Civil Engineering HandBook [2003] 2nd Ed 

E. Chuyên ngành môi trường:


E2. Gale UXL Encyclopedia of Water Science 3v, 2005

E3. CRC Press – Environmental Engineering Dictionary and Directory

E4. CRC Press-Statistics for Environmental Engineers 2nd Ed

E5. Environmental Biotechnology – Theory and Application (G. M. Evans & J. C. Furlong)

E6. Environmental_Chemistry_7ed._CRC_2000_Manahan_S.E.

E7. Extraction Methods for Environmental Analysis (John R. Dean)


E9. Membranes for Industrial Wastewater Recovery and Re-use

E10. Methods for Environmental Trace Analysis

E11. Waste Treatment and Disposal

E12. Wastewater Microbiology (G. Bitton)(3rd ed.)(Wiley 2005)(ISBN 0471650714) 

F. Chuyên ngành vật liệu học:

F1. Aluminium Design and Construction

F2. Hanbook of Environmental degradation of Materials

F3. Handbook of Adhesives and Sealants

F4. Handbook of Fillers – A Definitive User’s Guide and Databook (2nd Edition)

F5. Handbook of Hard Coatings

F6. Materials Science and Engineering Handbook

F7. Materials Selection in Mechanical Design (2nd Edition)

F8. Springer_Handbook_of_Nano-technology

F9. Advanced of bonded Composite repair of Metaic Aircraft structure

F10. Applied.Materials.Science

F11. Computational Materials Science

F12. DictionaryOfMaterialScience_HighEnergyPhysics

F13. Engineering_materials-Vol01-Michael_Asby

F14. Engineering_materials-Vol02-Michael_Asby

F15. Modern Physical Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

F16. NanoTech

F17. P.M.Bellan – Fundamentals of plasma physics

F18. Piping Materials Guide

F19. Plastics_engineering-Crawford

F20. R.C.Davidson – Theory of Nonneutral Plasmas

F21. Science_n_technology_of_carbon_nanotubes-Tanaka

F22. Smithells-Metals_reference_book-Brandes

F23. Theory and problem of Strength of material

F24. Wood Handbook – Wood as Engineering Materiual (Forest Products Society 1999, ISBN 1892529025) 

G. Tài liệu học Anh văn:

G1. Scientific Writing

G2. (Grammar) – Cambridge University Press – English Vocabulary in Use – Upper-Intermediate & Advanced


G4. American Accent Training

G5. American Idioms Dictionary

G6. BMJ Books – Scientific Writing

G7. Cambridge English Vocabulary In Use – Uppper Intermediate & advanced

G8. Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions

G9. Education – How-to Books – The A-Z of Correct English

G10. Grammar and Vocabulary for Cambridge Advanced Efficency

G11. Ins_and_Outs_of_Prepositions

G12. M.McCaskill – Grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. A handbook for technical writers and editors

G13. McGraw.Hill.How.to.Prepare.Your.Curriculum.Vitae

G14. McGraw.Hill.NTCs.Dictionary.of.Words.and.Phrases

G15. oxford english for electrical and mechanical engineering

G16. Prentice_Vocabulary_Basics_For_Business

G17. Statistically.Speaking.A.Dictionary.of.Quotations

G18. Teaching and Learning Vocabulary Bringing Research to Practice

G19. The A-Z of Correct English

G20. TOEFL Study Guide Listening


G22. Writing.Skills.Success.In.20.Minutes.A.Day

G23. Writing.Your.Doctoral.Dissertation.Invisible.Rules.for.Success

H. Tài Liệu hướng dẫn sử dụng các phần mềm trợ giúp nghiên cứu:

H1. Advanced Mathematics and Mechanics Applications Using MATLAB

H2. Basics.Of.MATLAB.And.Beyond

H3. Electronics.And.Circuit.Analysis.Using.MATLAB

H4. Excel.2003.Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Bible

H5. FlashMX2004 Training


H7. Numerical.Computing.With.MATLAB

H8. Supermodels_with_Rhino

H9. (E-Book Mathematics) Mathematica Tutorial

H10. (ebook) – Mathematics – Matlab 7

H11. [Book][MathLab][The Math Works][PDF] Matlab DSP Toolbox

H12. [eBook] The C++ Standard Library – A Tutorial and Reference (Addison Wesley)

H13. Addison.Wesley.Professional.Excel.Development.Feb.2005

H14. Advanced Mathematics And Mechanics Applications Using Matlab

H15. Applied Numerical Methods Using MATLAB (Yang 2005 Wiley) (0471698334)


H17. Circuit.Analysis.II.with.MATLAB

H18. Dynamic System Simulation for MATLAB

H19. Education – Dictionary Of Science And Technology

H20. Electronics and Circuit Analysis using MATLAB – CRC Press

H21. Electronics_And_Circuit_Analysis_Using_Matlab

H22. For.Dummies.Digital.Video.For.Dummies.eBook-LiB

H23. good Signals.and.Systems.with.MATLAB

H24. Guide to Microsoft Excel 2002 for Scientists and Engineers Third Edition

H25. LabView Advance Programming Technique

H26. Macromedia Flash MX Training From The Source

H27. Macromedia.Dreamweaver.Mx.2004.Web.Application.Recipes

H28. Macromedia.Press.-.Macromedia.Dreamweaver.MX.Dynamic.Applications

H29. Managing Data with Excel

H30. Matlab C++ – Math Library

H31. McGraw-Hill_Dictionary_of_Engineering_Setup_040505

H32. Modeling with AutoCAD2004

H33. Numerical.Analysis.Using.MATLAB.2ed

H34. KISSsoft

H35. Graphics.And.Guis.With.MATLAB,.3rd.Ed

I. Chuyên ngành kỹ thuật nhiệt lạnh:

I1. Advanced thermodynamics engineering

I2. Advanced_Thermo_for_Engineers

I3. Introduction to Thermal Systems Engineering  Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, and Heat Transfer

I4. Heat Transfer Book

I5. A_heat_transfer_textbook

I6. Advanced Gas Turbine Cycles  A Brief Review of Power Generation Thermodynamics

I7. Handbook of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

I8. Linder B. Thermodynamics and introductory statstical mechanics 2004

I9. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

I10. ThermoDynamics and Statistical Mechanics

K. Chuyên ngành kỹ thuật định vị toàn cầu:

K1. For.Dummies.GPS.For.Dummies.eBook-LiB

K2. Fundamentals.of.Global.Positioning.System.Receivers_MAZ

K3. GPS Global Positioning Systems – Inertial Navigation and Integration (Wiley 2001)

K4. Low Cost Inertial Navigation System (WEB Capture)

K5. Wiley~Fundamentals of Global Positioning System Receivers,A Software Approach

L. Chuyên ngành sinh học:

L1. BioMedical Engineering Handbook

L2. Biomedical Photonics Handbook

L3. Biomedical Technology And Ddevice Handbook

L4. Practical Handbook of Genetic Algorithms Complex Coding Systems, Volume III

L5. The Biomedical Engineering Handbook – 2Ed – Bronzino

L6. _Basic_Concepts_in_Biochemistry[1]._A_Student_s_Survival_Guide__2nd_Edition_

L7. Addison_Wesley_-_Introduction_to_Bioinformatics

L8. Analysis of Genes and Genomes

L9. Animal_Biotechnology__Science-based_Concerns

L10. Applied_Dairy_Microbiology

L11. Bioinformatics – Computational Genetics – Wiley (2001)

L12. Bioinformatics – Springer – Computational Cell Biology

L13. Bionanotechnology.Goodsell.2004

L14. Chambers D.L. (ed.) Vol. 1. Handbook of genetic algorithms. Applications (CRC, 2001)(ISBN 1584882409)(T)(520s)

L15. Chambers D.L. (ed.) Vol. 2. Handbook of genetic algorithms. New frontiers (CRC, 1995)(ISBN 0849325293)(T)(421s)

L16. Chambers D.L. (ed.) Vol. 3. Handbook of genetic algorithms. Complex coding systems (CRC, 1999)(ISBN 0849325390)(T)(659s)

L17. Color Atlas of Biochemistry, 2nd Ed.(J. Koolman, K.-H. Roehm)(Thieme,2005)

L18. CRC Press – 2002 – Fruit and Vegetable Biotechnology

L19. Schaum-Biochemistry

L20. Underwater

L21. Visualization Handbook

L.22Good Wiley-Interscience – Bioinformatics – A Practical Guide To The Analysis Of Genes And Proteins, 2nd Edition

L23. H.Lodish – Molecular Cell Biology. 5th edition

L24. OReilly – Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills

L25. Prentice Hall – Bioinformatics Computing

L26. J.R.Koza – Genetic programming


L28. The Laboratory Rat (P. E. Sharp & M. C. LaRegina)

L29. Schaum-Molecular_CellBiology

L30. The Biogenesis of Cellular Organelles

L31. modern_microbial_genetics

L32. Molecular Biology Problem Solver – A Laboratory Guide (Alan S. Gerstein)

L33. Laboratory Experiments for General, Organic, and Biochemistry

L34. M.R.Barnes, I.C.Gray – Bioinformatics for geneticists

L35. Mathematical biology. I. An introduction, Murray J.D., (3ed., Springer, 2002)(576s)

L36. Mathematical Biology. II , Murray J.D. Spatial Models and Biomedical Applications. 3rd Ed. (Springer 2003)

L37. Molecular devices and machines

L38. Principles of Gene Manipulation, 6th edition

L39. techniques_of_glass_manipulation

L40. The Double Helix  A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA

L41. The Protein Protocols Handbook(Second Edition)



L44. Understanding Biotechnology

L45. Wiley_Publishing_-_Bioinformatics_for_Geneticists

L46. X.Xia – Data analysis in molecular biology and evolution

L47. Kluwer (2003) Molecular and Cellular Biology of Neuroprotection in the CNS

L48. J.B.Rampal – DNA Arrays – methods and protocols

L49. I.S.Kohane, et al – Microarrays for an integrative genomics

L50. Genes

L51. Fundamental of Biology

L52. Freshwater Microbiology – Biodiversity and Dynamic Interactions of Microorganisms in the Aquatic Environment (D. Sigee; Wiley 2005; ISBN 0471485284)

L53. ForestManual

L54. EOPS_T_-_Biotechnology

L55. Elsevier.Biometric.Technology.Today.April.2005

L56. David_Goodsell_-_Bionanotechnology

L57. D.P.Berrar, W.Dubitzky, M.Granzow – Practical approach to microarray data analysis

L58. D.Kambhampati – Protein microarray technology

M. Chuyên ngành hoá học:

M1. Azolides in Organic Synthesis and Biochemistry by Staab, Bauer, Schneider1998@Wiley

M2. Chemical Process Equipment – Selection and Design

M3. Chemical_Engineers_Handbook_7nd_ed

M4. Homogeneous_Catalysis

M5. (eBook – Chemie) McMurry, John – Organic Chemistry 5th Edition

M6. A Guide to Protein Isolation – Dennison 2002

M7. Advanced Organics Chemistry PartB Reaction and Synthesis by carey-sundberg

M8. Advanced Organics Chemistry_PartA_Structure and Mechanism_by_carey-sundberg

M9. Advances in Photochemistry, Volume 27 (D. C. Neckers, G. von Bünau & W. S. Jenks)

M10. Biomedical Applications of Polyurethanes


M12. Chiral Pollutants – Distribution, Toxicity and Analysis by Chromatography and Capillary Electrophoresis (I. Ali & H. Y. Aboul-Enein)

M13. D.Harvey – Modern analytical chemistryM14. Elsevier, Biochemistry, The Chemical Reactions of the Living Cells (Metzler) Vol 1 and 2

M14. Elsevier, Biochemistry, The Chemical Reactions of the Living Cells (Metzler) Vol 1 and 2

M15. Environmental_Chemistry__7ed[1].__CRC__2000__T__876s__Manahan_S.E.

M16. Fundamentals of Electrochemistry (Bagotsky, Wiley 2006, ISBN 0471700584)

M17. J.Gasteiger, T.Engel – Chemoinformatics

M18. Laboratory Experiments for General, Organic, and Biochemistry

M19. Lange_s_Handbook_of_Chemistry

M20. Laundry Detergents (E. Smulders)

M21. LC-MS Applications in Drug Development (Mike S. Lee)

M22. M.Cole -The Analysis of Controlled Substances. A Systematic Approach

M23. Mueller – Fundamentals of Quantum Chemistry. Molecular Spectroscopy and Modern Electronic Structure Computations

M24. Marketing and Sales in the Chemical  Industry, 2nd Edition (R. Jakobi)

M25. Microreactors – New Technology for Modern Chemistry (W. Ehrfeld, V. Hessel & H. Löwe)

M26. Modern Organocopper Chemistry (N. Krause)

M27. Name Reactions in Heterocyclic Chemistry (Comprehensive Name Reactions)

M28. Named Organic Reactions (T. Laue, A. Plagens; Wiley 2005; ISBN 0470010401)

M29. Organosilanes in Radical Chemistry (C. Chatgilialoglu)

M30. R.Boyer – Modern experimental biochemistry


M32. Solvents and Solvent Effects in Organic Chemistry, 3rd Edition (C. Reichardt)

M33. Thermochemical_processes-Alcock

M34. vogel_practical_organic_chemistry_5th_edition

M35. vogel_quantitative_chemical_analysis_ocr_5th_ed


M37. Solvent effect and chemical reactivity

N. Chuyên ngành tin học:

N1. Computer Techniques and Computational Methods in Biomechanics

N2. ADAPTIVE IMAGE PROCESSING A Computational Intelligence Perspective

N3. Discrete Time Signal Processing

N4. Graphic and Color Design


N6. The Scientist and Engineer’s Guide to DSP

N7. USB RS232 and Parallel

N8. VHDL and FPGA Asic

N9. (Delmar) Digital Signal Processing–Filtering Approach

N10. (ebook-pdf) – Fundamentals of Digital Electronics

N11. (ebook-pdf) DSP – Digital Signal Processing Handbook

N12. Automated.Fingerprint.Identification.Systems

N13. B.Jahne – Digital image processing.pdf

N14. Data and computer communications

N15. Design.warriors.guide.to.FPGA

N16. Digital Image Processing – Third Edition

N17. Digital.Video.Quality.Vision.Models.and.Metrics.Mar.2005

N18. DigitalImageProcessing-Gonzalez

N19. Embedded Ethernet and Internet Complete

N20. Fieldbus Introduction

N21. good Delmar-Technician_s_Guide_to_68HC11_Microcontroller

N22. Hard-Disk Basics

N23. Hardware – Circuit Analysis – Theory and Practice 2Ed

N24. Hardware – Design Criteria for Low Distortion in Feedback Opamp Circuits

N25. IEEE Press – Testing For Emc Compliance – Approaches And Techniques – 2004 – (By Laxxuss)

N26. Image Processing – The Fundamentals

N27. Information Hiding Techniques for Steganography and Digital

N28. Information Hiding Techniques for Steganography and Digital Good book

N29. Intelligent Image Processing

N30. Interscience.Trustworthy.Systems.Through.Quantitative.Software.Engineering 10.05


N32. M.Joye, J.-J.Quuisquater – Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems – CHES 2004

N33. McGraw-Hill_-_Data_Mining_with_Neural_Networks

N34. MIT Press – Principles of Data Mining

N35. Newnes – Feature Extraction and Image Processing

N36. OReilly.Designing.Embedded.Hardware.May.2005.eBook-DDU

N37. Rampant TechPress – Advanced SQL Database Programmers Handbook

N38. S.Mann – Intelligent image processing

N39. Software Development For Small Teams. A Rup-centric Approach – Addison Wesley

N40. Theory and Applications of Digital Image Processing

N41. Understanding_And_Applying_Machine_Vision

N42. Wiley – Digital Image Processing – Third Edition(2001)

N43. Wiley Interscience – Exploratory Data Mining and Data Cleaning


N45. Wiley_Interscience_-_Data_Mining_-_Multimedia__Soft_Computing_and_Bioinformatics

N46. www[1].STADTAUS.com_A1-Embedded Controller Hardware Design

N47.Wavelets & Digital Image Processing

N48. Beginning Database Design

N49. Computational_Intelligence_in_Manufacturing_Handbook

N50. Computer Sciences

N51. Visual Basic

N52. Wireless and Mobile All-IP Networks

N53. (ebook pdf) Learn Visual C++ 6

N54. Addison.Wesley.Designing.Components%20with%20the%20C++%20STL

N55. Addison.Wesley.Effcient.C++%20Programming%20Techniques

N56. GreatIdeasJava

N57. Linux Kernel Internal

N58. Programming – XML How to Program

N59. Sams Teach Yourself Visual C++ 6 in 21 days

N60.The C Programming Language 3rd Ed

N61. Fundamentals of Global Positioning System Receivers_MAZ

O. Chuyên ngành điện tử:

O1. Wireless Communication Circuits And Systems

O2. Wireless and Mobile Data Networks by Aftab Ahmad (2005)



O5. Wiley & Sons – Wireless Data Technologies Reference Handbook

O6. Wi-Fi Toys. 15 Cool Wireless Projects for Home, Office, and Entertainment

O7. Troubleshooting Analog Circuits

O8. The Complete Wireless Communications Professional

O9. Telecommunication Circuit Design, 2nd ed

O10. tech House – Cdma Mobile Radio Design 2000 -Laxxuss

O11. Speech sepuration by Humans and Machines

O12. Signals And Systems

O13. Signal Processing for Mobile Communications Handbook_MAZ

O14. Signal Analysis

O15. Short-Range Wireless Communications

O16. Science – Digitally Assisted Pipeline ADCs Theory and Implementation

O17. Schaum’s Outlines-Digital Principles 3rd Edition

O18. Schaum_s_Outlines_-__Digital_Signal_Processing

O19. S.Lahiri – RFID Sourcebook

O20. RFID Field Guide – Deploying Radio Frequency Identification Systems by Manish Bhuptani (2005)

O21. RF_Microelectronics__Behzad_Razavi_

O22. Real Time Digital Signal Processing

O23. Radio Engineering for Wireless Communication and Sensor Appl

O24. Programmable Controllers An Engineer Guide, 3rd_MAZ

O25. Principle of Spread spectrum od communication System


O27. Prentice Hall – Digital Processing Of Speech Signals

O28. Practical.Analog.and.Digital.Filter.Design

O29. Practical Rf Circuit Design For Modern Wireless Systems Vokl 2 – Active Circuits And Systems (Gilmore 2003)

O30. PLM01-PowerLineModem

O31. OP-amps.for.everyone.(2002)

O32. Nonlinear_Signal_Processing-A_Statistical_Approach_by_Arce_2005Wiley

O33. Next Generation Mobile Systems – 3G & Beyond by Minoru Etoh (2005)

O34. Newnes – Short-Range Wireless Communications

O35. Mobile Fading Channel

O36. McGraw-Hill TAB Electronics – 2000 – Car Stereo Speaker Projects Illustrated – EEn

O37. McGraw Hill – Wireless Communications

O38. McGraw Hill – 2002 – W-CDMA and cdma2000 for 3G Mobile Networks


O40. John Wiley & Sons – Smart Card Handbook

O41. John Wiley – Fundamentals of Telecommunications

O42. Introduction to statistical signal Processing

O43. IEE.Publishing.Telecommunications.Regulation

O44. IEE.Publishing.Telecommunications.Performance.Engineering

O45. How To Do Everything with Your Digital Camera

O46. High Efficiency Audio Power Amplifiers

O47. Handbook of Neural Network Signal Processing [found via www.

O48. Hardware – Design Criteria for Low Distortion in Feedback Opamp Circuits

O49. Fourier_Transforms_in_Radar_And_Signal_Processing

O50. For.Dummies.HDTV.For.Dummies.Nov.2004.eBook-DDU

O51. Fiber.Optics.Technician’s.ManualO52. Embedded Microprocessor Systems  Real World Design

O52. Embedded Microprocessor Systems  Real World Design

O53. Electronics_RF_Circuit_Design

O54. Electronics_for_Dummies__Wiley-2005_

O55. Electronics – Schaum’s Outline – Theory & Problems of Basic Circuit Analysis

O56. Electrical Engineering Handbook

O57. Ebook – Electronic McGraw-Hill – Teach Yourself Electricity & Electronics

O58. DSP – Digital Filter Designer’s Handbook

O59. Discrete Time Signal Processing 2nd Ed – Solutions to Exercises

O60. (CRC Press – Resource Handbook of Electronics

O61. (Delmar) Modern Control Technology–Components & Systems (2nd Ed.)

O63. (eWiley) Telecommunications Optimization–Heuristic & Adaptive Techniques

O64. _2000__Wiley__Advanced_Digital_Signal_Processing_and_Noise_R

O65. 4op_Kluwer – Wireless Communications Systems and Networks – 2004 – (By Laxxuss)

O66. 8051_Interfacing_and_Applications

O67. ADC Converter HandBook

O68. Addison Wesley – ARM SoC Architecture, 2nd Edition

O69. Analog and Digital Control System Design

O70. Analog Circuits Cookbook

O71. Analog Interfacing to Embedded Microprocessors

O72. Analog_BiCMOS_design

O73. Artech House – Transmission Systems Design Handbook for wireless networks

O74. Artech..Advanced.Techniques.in.RF.Power.Amplifier.Design

O75. Audio And Hi-Fi Handbook, 3Rd Ed_MAZ

O76. Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook

O77. barna_-_operational_amplifiers_-_2nd_edition

O78. Closed TV Circuit

O79. CMOS IC Layout_MAZ

O80. CRC Press – Resource Handbook of Electronics

O81. Delmar-Technician_s_Guide_to_68HC11_Microcontroller

O82. Digital Processing of Speech Signals (Rabiner & Schafer 1978)

O84. RF Components and Circuits

P. Chuyên ngành hoá thực phẩm:

P1. Auditing in the Food Industry (M. Dillon & Chris Griffith)

P2. Benders’ Dictionary of Nutrition and Food Technology (7th Edition)

P3. Biscuit, Cookie and Cracker Manufacturing  Manual 1 – Ingredients

P4. Food Emulsions, Fourth Edition

P5. The Protein Protocols Handbook(Second Edition)

P6. Safety and Quality Issues in Fish Processing (H. Allan Bremner)

P7. Minimal Processing Technologies in the Food Industry (Thomas Ohlsson & Nils Bengtsson)

P8. Microbiological Risk Assessment in Food Processing (Martyn Brown & Mike Stringer)

P9. Meat Refrigeration (S. J. James & C. James)

P10. Meat Processing Improving Quality (Joseph Kerry, John Kerry & David Ledward)

P11. Functional Foods Concept to Product (G. R. Gibson & C. M. Williams)

P12. Fruit and Vegetable Processing Improving Quality (Win Jongen)

P13. Food Chemical Safety, Volume 1 Contaminants (David H. Watson)

P14. EU Food Law – A Practical Guide (Kaarin Goodburn)

P15. Cereals Processing Technology (Gavin Owens)

P16. Cereal Biotechnology (Peter C. Morris & James H. Bryce)

P17. Guide_to_DRINKING

Q. Chuyên ngành thủy lực:

Q1. Hydraulic FluidsQ12. Air Logic for Automated Systems_RuslanX

Q2. Batchelor. Introduction to fluid dynamics (CUP, 2000)(T)(631s)

Q3. Bloomer.-.Practical.Fluid.Mechanics.For.Engineering.Applications.(2000)Q4. ferziger.&.peric.-.computational.methods.for.fluid.dynamics.(3ed,.2001)

Q4. ferziger.&.peric.-.computational.methods.for.fluid.dynamics.(3ed,.2001)

Q5. Fluid Flow Measurement

Q6. Kundu-Cohen_Fluid_Mechanics

Q7. Mathematical Introduce to Fluid Mechanics

Q8. Myshkis A.D., et al. Low-Gravity Fluid Mechanics (Springer, 1987)(601s)

Q9. Nonlinear Water Waves

Q10. Pozrikidis C. Fluid dynamics. Theory, computation and numerical simulation (Kluwer, 2001)(T)(557s)

Q11. Principles of Computational Fluid Dynamics

Q13. Centrifugal and Rotary Pumps Fundamentals with Applications

Q14. Chemical_Engineering_Fluid_Mechanics

Q15. Fluid Flow Measurement

Q16. Fluidization Dynamics

Q17. Hydraulics of Pipeline Systems

Q18. A Study on a Full-electric Control System of a Hydro Static Transmission for Construction Machines

Q19. À¯¾ÐÀÚ·á.alz

Q20. Active Vibration Control of Excavator Working Equipment with ADAMS

Q21. Asenov_en

Q22. autogearbox_Renault_Imagine

Q23. Dynamic simulation of an electrohydraulic open center gas exchange valve actuator system for camless internal

Q24. FinalReport%20V3%20May2005

Q25. flyer_appli_suspension_Letter

Q26. gpc_2003

Q27. Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicle Project

Q28. power_steering

Q29. Simulation of hydraulic components for passenger cars

Q30. Vector Tensor and basic equations of Fluid Mechanics

Q31. the simulation for a design process of a hydraulic circuit for automation gear boxes

R. Chuyên ngành y dược học:

R1. Modeling

R2. Surgery

R3. Caroline Wheater – The Juicing Detox Diet

R4. ClinDrugTherNursing

R5. Color Atlas of Hematology – Practical and Clinical Diagnosis (H.Theml, H.Diem, T.Haferlach, Thieme 2004, ISBN 1588901939)

R6. Color atlas of pharmacology, 2nd Ed. (by H. Lullmann et al., Thieme 2000, ISBN 0865778434)

R7. CRC.Handbook.of.Medicinal.Spices

R8. Critical_Care_Medicine

R9. E_books_club_Book_List

R10. Family_Medicine

R11. R. Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine, 2nd Edition. Vol. 1, A-C

R12. Gynecology_and_Obstetrics

R13. Handbook of clinical drug data

R14. Handbook of Skin Diseases

R15. History_and_Physical_Exam

R16. J.Tan – E-Health Care Information Systems. An Introduction for Students and Professionals

R17. measurement Risk in complex stochatic system

R18. Medicine

R19. Outpatient_Medicine

R20. Pavel Tsatsouline – Super Joints

R21. Pediatric_Drug_ReferenceR22. Pediatric_Treatment

R23. Pediatrics

R24. Physicians_Drug_ResourceR25. Hand Book of psychiatric Drug

R26. PsychiatryR27. The Human Body (A.Faller et al., Thieme 2004, ISBN 158890122X)

R28. Thermodynamics of Pharmaceutical Systems (Kenneth A. Connors)

R29. Treatment_Guidelines

R30. CRC.Handbook.of.Medicinal.Spices.eBook-EEn

R31. How to write the paper 

S. Chuyên ngành vật lý:

S1. Fundamentals of Nuclear Science and Engineering

S2. Photonics and Optics

S3. Technical Reference Series in Measurement and Control

S4. A Complete Introduction to NMR Spectroscopy (Roger S. Macomber)

S5. CRC Press – HandBook of Lasers

S6. DictionaryOfPure_AppliedPhysics


S8. Ether-Technology

S9. Femtosecond Laser Spectroscopy

S10. good Fundamentals_of_Light_Sources_and_Lasers__Wiley__2004_

S11. Handbook of mathematical Technique for WaveStructure Interations

S12. Industrial_Lasers_and_their_Applications__Prentice-Hall-1985_

S13. J.M.Hollas – Modern spectroscopy

S14. Kawano_K[1]._Intro_to_optical_waveguide_analysis

S15. Laser Electronics (3rd Edition)

S16. Laser Remote Sensing Fundamentals and Applications

S17. Laser_Fundamentals__Cambridge-2004_

S18. Laser_Light_Dynamics___NorthHolland_-_1985_

S19. Laser_Material_Processing__Springer_-_1991_

S20. Lasers II (Siegmen – 1986)

S21. Lasers-_Invention_to_Application__National_Academy_of_Science-2000_

S22. Levy_Statistics_and_Laser_Cooling__2002_

S23. Lucent Library of Science and Technology – Telescopes 2005

S24. Optical_Detection_Theory_for_Laser_Applications__2002_

S25. Origin And Evolution Of The Solar System

S26. P.Janssen – Interaction of ocean waves and wind

S27. Physics Formulary

S28. principle of laser

S29. The Cambridge Handbook of Physics Formulas

S30. W.S.C.Chang – Principles of lasers and optics

T. Chuyên ngành toán học ứng dụng:

T1. Optimization Statistics and Probability regression

T2. Maple

T3. Ordinary and Partial Differential Equation Routines in C, C++, Fortran, Java, Maple, and MATLAB



T6. Good Advances in Geometric Modeling

T7. Mathematica

T8. Introduction to Tensor Calculus and Continuum Mechanics

T9. Mathematics.of.Genome.Analysis.eBook-EEn


T11. Misc

T12. MuPAD


T14. Numerical Receipt in C

T15. The Theory of the Design of Experiments

T16. (ebook-pdf) – Mathematics – Linear Algebra

T17. (ebook-pdf)_-_Mathematics_-_Mathematics,_Basic_Math_and_Algebra

T18. _eBook__Schaum_s_Outlines_-_College_Mathematics_-_4th_Ed

T19. 02-Math

T20. Abel’s Theorem in Problems and Solutions

T21. An Introduction to the Kalman Filter

T22. Asymptotic Expansions, Derivation and Interpretation

T23. Barry, Davis. Essential mathematical skills for engineering, science and applied mathematics (2002)(T)(C)(160s)

T24. Boyce_DiPrime_Elementary Differential Equation and boundary value problems

T25. Cameron_Combinatorics

T26. Clark (ed.). Dictionary of analysis, calculus, and differential equations (CRC, 2000)(ISBN 084930

T27. CRC_Press_Applications_of_Abstract_Algebra_with_MAPLE

T28. Difference Equations and Inequalities – Theory, Methods, and Applications

T29. Dirac Structures and Integrability of Nonlinear Evolution Equations

T30. E-book

T31. ebook – Mathematics – Differential Geometry, Analysis and Physics

T32. Engineering Mathematics

T33. Estimation with Applications to Tracking & Navigation

T34. f25_Mcgraw-Hill – Differential Equations (Schaum’S Easy Outlines) – 2003 – (By Laxxuss)


T36. Functional Analysis – Rudin

T37. good MathEncyclopedia

T38. good Matrix Analysis & Applied Linear Algebra

T39. good McGraw-Hill_-_Mathematical_and_Physical_Data__Equations__and_Rules_of_Thumb

T40. Good Principles of Mathematical Analysis

T41. good Wiley,.Modeling.Derivatives.in.C++.(2005).YYePG.LotB

T42. Green’s Functions with Applications

T43. H.Kurata._Generalized_Least_Squares

T44. Handbook of Math Formulas

T45. Handbook of Matrices

T46. Handbook.of.Integral.Equations

T47. Harmonic Function Theory

T48. InstructionsE-book

T49. InstructionsMaple

T50. InstructionsMathematica

T51. InstructionsMuPAD

T52. Integral Methods in Science and Engineering

T53. Mastering Technical Mathematics

T54. Mathematic Analysis for Modeling

T55. Mathematics – Advanced Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering (Hayek)

T56. Mathematics – An Introduction to Cybernetics

T57. Mathematics – Graph Theory


T59. Mcgraw-Hill – Advanced Calculus (Schaum’S Outlines, 442 Pages), 2Nd Ed – 2002 ! – (By Laxxuss)

T60. Modern.Algebra.with.Applications.Second.Edition.eBook-EEn

T61. Nonlinear PDEs for Scientists and Engineers

T62. Nonlinear Regression Analysis and Its Applications

T63. Numerical_Analysis_2000_Vol3_Linear_Algebra

T64. Oscillation Theory for Functional Differential Equations

T65. Outline of Logic

T66. Planar Graph Drawing

T67. Polynomials

T68. Prime Obsession Bernhard Riemann and the Greatest Unsolved Problem in Mathematics

T69. Principles of Mathematical Analysis

T70. Probability Theory I

T71. Problems on Statistical Mechanics

T72. Schaum-LinearAlgebra

T73. Schaum-MatrixOperations

T74. Schaum’s Outline of Advanced Calculus

T75. shanks

T76. Springer. General systems theory.A mathematical approach.0306459442.1999


T78. Templates for the Solution of Linear Systems

T79. Templates for the Solution of Linear Systems Building Blocks for Iterative

T80. Tensor and Manifolds_Application to Mechanics

T81. The A to Z Mathematics

T82. The Laplace Transform

T83. theory_of_numbers

T84. Time Serie Handbook

T85. Unsolved Problems in Mathematical Systems and Control Theory

T86. Vector tensor and its applications

T87. Wait R. Numerical solution of algebraic equations (Wiley, 1979)(ISBN 0471997552)(L)(T)(84s)

U. Chuyên ngành hàng không:

U1. Ship Design 

U2. Aircraft Design Projects For Engineering Students

V. Chuyên ngành điều khiển tự động:

V1. Robust Control System Design

V2. Sensor and Measurement

V3. Sliding Mode Control in Engineering


V5. Robotics and Automation Handbook-2005

V6. Adaptive Control Stability, Convergence, and Robustness

V7. Continuous-Time Active Filter Design

V8. Engineering Documentation Control Handbook (2nd Edition)

V9. good Compliant Mechanisms-Design of Flexure Hinges

V10. Industrial Servo Design_ISCSFAA

V11. PLC and SCADA Manufacturing and Networking process control

V12. Robotics

V13. (Delmar) Modern Control Technology–Components & Systems (2nd Ed.)

V14. _eBook__Schaum_s_Outlines_-__Digital_Signal_Processing

V15. Amphibionics – Build Your Own Reptilian Robot – McGraw Hill

V16. Anatomy of a Robot – McGraw Hill

V17. Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach

V18. Automated Continuous Process Control

V19. Build a Remote-Controlled Robot – McGraw Hill

V20. cgraw-Hill.-.Build.Your.Own.Combat.Robot.-.2002.-.(By.Laxxuss)

V21. Classical Feedback Control with MATLAB

V22. Control_Systems_Engineering_by_Nise_Solution_Manual

V23. CRC_Press_-_Multi-Agent_Robotic_Systems_-_2001

V24. Designing.Mobile.Autonomous.Robots

V25. Efficient Collision Detection for Animation and Robotics by Ming C. Lin (1993)

V26. Engineering – Mechanical Engineering Handbook – Robotics (1999)

V27. Engineering.-.Robot.Builders.Guide

V28. Feedback.Control.for.a.Path.Following.Robotic.Car

V29. Florczyk Robot.Vision.2005

V30. Fundamentals_of_Robotic_Mechanical_Systems

V31. Good Fundamental Limitation in Filter and Control

V32. good Fundamentals_of_Robotic_Mechanical_Systems

V33. good Open-Source Robotics and Process Control Cookbook — Designing and Building Robust, Dependable Real-time Systems by Lewin A.R.W. Edwards (2005)

V34. good RealTime Optimization by Extremum Seeking Control

V35. good Signals.and.Systems.with.MATLAB

V36. good Simulation Modeling Handbook

V37. Good Wiley (2004) Sensitivity.Analysis.in.Practice.A.Guide.to.Assessing.Scientific.Models.May.2004.eBook-DDU

V38. Handbook Of Neural Network Processing

V39. Handbook of Stochastic Analysis and Applications

V40. Integration of MEMS with a SoC in a microrobot

V41. Introduction.to.Robotics,.Mechanics.and.Control.JOHN.J.CRAIG

V42. Introduction_to_Autonomous_Mobile_Robots

V43. John Wiley-Sons – Kalman Filtering & Neural Networks


V45. Kalman Filtering (2nd Ed.)

V46. Learning and Soft Computing

V47. Manual-Robot

V48. Missile.Guidance.and.Control.Systems

V49. Modern Control Engeneering, 3rd ed].[Ogata][Prentice Hall]

V50. Poznyak, Najim, Gomez-Ramirez. Self-learning control of finite Markov chains (M.Dekker, 2002)(T)(315s)

V51. Robust_Adaptive_Control

V52. S.Haykin – Kalman filtering and neural networks

V53. Science – Neural Engineering – Computation, Presentation and Dynamics

V54. Unsolved Problems in Mathematical Systems and Control Theory

V55. www[1].STADTAUS.com_HF Filter Design and Computer Simulation

X. Tài liệu về lập trình:



X3. Digital Color Imaging Handbook

X4. Digital Image Processing


X6. Windows Forms Programming with CSharp

X7. 3D Lighting – History, Concepts And Techniques – Charles River Media

X8. 3D.Computer.Graphics.-.A.Mathematical.Introduction.with.OpenGL.July.2005

X9. 100Linux_TandT

X10. Achieving Software Quality through Teamwork – Artech House

X11. Addison Wesley – Embedded C

X12. Addison Wesley – Linux Kernel Internals, 2nd Edition

X13. Addison Wesley – Seeing Data. Designing UI for Database Systems using DotNET

X14. Addison Wesley – The Joy of Patterns

X15. Addison Wesley Advanced Linux Networking

X16. Addison Wesley Professional C++ Primer, Fourth Edition

X17. Addison.Wesley.Inside.the_C_Object_Model

X18. Addison.Wesley.Introduction.To.Parallel.Computing.2nd.Edition


X20. Advanced Data Networking

X21. Advanced Linux Programming

X22. Apress – SQL Server 2000 Stored Procedures Handbook

X23. Apress.Best.Kept.Secrets.in.Dot.NET

X24. Apress.dot.NET.Game.Programming.with.DirectX.9.0

X25. Apress.Pro.SQL.Server.2005.Oct.2005

X26. Apress-C.Sharp.Programmers.Handbook-2003

X27. blanchette_book

X28. Bluetooth Application Developer’s Guide

X29. Building An Optimizing Compiler – Digital Press

X30. Building Embedded Linux Systems

X31. C Reference Manual_October 2005

X32. Game Character Development with Maya – New Riders

X33. game_programming_all_in_one

X34. First Step With Embedded Systems

X35. Essential ASP.Net With Examples In VB.Net – Addison Wesley

X36. Elsevier.Network.Security.April.2005

X37. Digital Lighting and Rendering

X38. Desing and Graphics – Real World Color Mangement – 2nd Ed 2004

X39. Design Patterns Explained A New Perspective on Object Oriented Design – Addison Wesley

X40. Design Concepts With Code. A Developer Approach – Apress

X41. Design and Graphics – OpenGL Shading Language

X42. Computer Networking A Top-Down Approach Featuring The Internet

X43. Complete Idiot’s Guide to Linux

X44. Code Complete 2ed

X45. Cambridge_University_Press_-_Algorithmic_Information_Theory

X46. C# NET Web Developer’s Guide – Syngress

X47. C Sharp 2.0 Practical Guide for Programmers – Morgan Kaufmann

X48. Glasshaus – Practical Intranet Development

X49. good C++ Complete Reference

X50. good McGraw-Hill – Optical Switching and Networking Handbook – 2001

X51. good Open_Source_SecurityTools

X52. good Que – Using Linux, 5th Edition

X53. good Wiley,.Modeling.Derivatives.in.C++.(2005).YYePG.LotB

X54. good Wrox – Professional XML Databases

X55. Internet Security

X56. introduction

X57Introduction To Error Correcting Codes – Artech House

X58. John Wiley and Sons – Software Factories. Assembling Applications with Patterns, Models, Frameworks and Tools

X59. John.Wiley.and.Sons.Red.Hat.Linux.Bible.Fedora.and.Enterprise.Edition.eBook-LiB

X60. John.Wiley.Sons.3D.Videocommunication.Algorithms.concepts.and.real.time.systems.in.human.centred.communication.Sep.2005.eBook-LinG

X61. KDE 2 Qt Programming Bible – Hungry Minds

X62. Level of Detail for 3D Graphics – Morgan Kaufmann

X63. Linux9 Installation

X64. Linux Device Driver

X65. Linux For Embedded And Real-time Applications

X66. Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide

X67. Linux_Complete_Command_Reference

X68. NMastering ASP

X69. Matchmoving_The_Invisible_Art_of_Camera_Tracking_2005_Sybex

X70. McGraw Hill – Introduction To Algorithms, 2nd Edition

X71. McGraw-Hill – PIC Microcontroller Project Book by John Lovine  – (2000)

X72. MCSE Designing Security for a Windows Server 2003 Network Exam 70-298 Study Guide

X73. Microsoft.Press.Microsoft.Visual.C.Sharp.2005.Step.by.Step.Oct.2005

X74. Microsoft.Visual.J.Sharp.NET.Core.Reference

X75. Modern.Operating.Systems.2nd.Edition

X76. Morgan Kaufmann- Programming Cameras and Pan-tilts with DirectX and Java

X77. Morgan.Kaufmann.Advanced.Graphics.Programming.Using.OpenGL.Feb.2005

X78. MS Press Inside C

X79. MS.Press.MS.Visual.C.Sharp.2005.Step.by.Step.Oct.2005

X80. MS.Press.Working.with.MS.Visual.Studio.2005.Team.System.Oct.2005

X81. Networking – Distributed Network Systems – From Concepts To Implementations.

X82. New Riders – Owen Demers – Digital Texturing & Painting.

X83. New Riders – Beginning Math And Physics For Game Programmers.

X84. Novell.Press.Linux.Kernel.Development.2nd.Edition.Jan.2005.eBook-LiB

X85. O_Reilly-Knoppix[1].Hacks-2004

X86. Object-Oriented Construction Handbook

X87. OpenGL Game Development

X88. OpenGL Super Bible

X89. OpenGL Super Bible!

X90. Operating Systems – Linux Plus 2005 In Depth (2005)

X91. O’Reilly — Building Embedded Linux Systems

X92. O’Reilly — Virtual Private Networks, 2nd Ed

X93. O’Reilly.Csharp.Cookbook.2004

X94. OReilly.Dreamweaver.MX.2004.The.Missing.Manual

X95. OReilly.Open.Source.for.the.Enterprise.Jul.2005

X96. OReilly.XML.Hacks.Jul.2004

X97. O’Reilly-Knoppix.Hacks-2004

X98. Photovaltalic

X99. Prentice.Hall.Core.CSharp.and.dot.NET.Sep.2005

X100. Prentice.Hall.PTR.A.Practical.Guide.to.Linux.Commands.Editors.and.Shell.Programming.Jul.2005.eBook-DDU

X101. Professional Web APIs – Wrox

X102. Programming – XML How to Program

X103. Programming Embedded Systems in C and C++ (1st 1999) – Michael Barr O’REILLY (80188)

X104. Programming Linux Game

X105. Programming Microcontrollers in C

X106. Red Hat Fedora 4 Unleashed – Sams

X107. Sams – Teach Yourself Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2003 In 24 Hours

X108. Que.Special.Edition.Using.Macromedia.Studio.8.Dec.2005

X109. sharpbible

X110. SNA & TCP-IP Integration Handbook by by Ed Taylor (1998)

X111. Software Engineering – Design for Reliability

X112. Software Project Management In Practice – Addison Wesley

X113. Software Testing 2nd Edition – Sams

X114. Sybex – Mastering Windows Server 2003

X115. Sybex.Inc.Microsoft.Windows.XP.Power.Optimization.Jan.2005.eBook-LinG

X116. Syngress — Hack Proofing Your Network, 2nd Ed

X117. Syngress.-.MCSA.MCSE.Exam.70-290.Win.Server.2003.Environment.ShareReactor

X118. Syngress.-.MCSA.MCSE.Exam.70-291.Win.Server.2003.Network.Infrastructure

X119. Technical Overview – 1

X120. Telecommunications Network Modelling, Planning and Design (BT Communications Technology) (2004)

X121. The Linux Development Platform

X122. The Linux® Kernel Primer A Top-Down Approach for x86 and PowerPC Architectures

X123. The.Art.of.Software.Testing.by.blueportal.org_arberx

X124. Understanding Linux Kernel

X125. visual basic .net black

X126. Visual C# .NET Programming

X127. Wiley & Sons – Flash MX ActionScript For Designers

X128. Wiley Fireworks MX Bible

X129. Wiley,.Beginning.JavaServer.Pages.(2005)

X130. Wiley.Interscience.Fiber.to.the.Home.The.New.Empowerment.Oct.2005.eBook-LinG

X131. Wiley.Interscience.Information.Security.Principles.and.Practice.Oct.2005.eBook-LinG

X132. Wordware – Lightwave 3D 8 Texturing – 2004 – (By Laxxuss)

X133. Wordware Publishing – LightWave 3D 8. 1001 Tips & Tricks

X134. Wordware.Publishing,.LightWave.3D.8.Lighting.(2004).DDU_.BM.OCR.6.0.ShareConnector

X135. www[1].STADTAUS.com_A6-CMP Books – C Programming for Embedded Systems

Y. Tài liệu về Hacking :

Y1. A Buffer Overflow Study – Attacks and Defenses (2002)

Y2. Amazon Hacks – (O’reilly-August 2003)

Y3. Windows XP Hacks (O’reilly- Auguest 2003)

Y4. Windows Server Hack(O’Reilly – March 2004)

Y5.Web Hacking- Attacks and Defence (Pearson Education-August 08, 2002)

Y6. Underground Hacking Madness & Obsession on the Electronic Frontier (Suelette Dreyfus & Julian Assange-2001)

Y7.Tricks of the Internet Gurus (April 1999)

Y8. The Extreme Searchers Internet Handbook A Guide for the Serious Searcher (Feb 2004)

Y9. The Complete History of Hacking

Y10. The Art of Intrusion-The Real Stories Behind the Exploits of Hackers Intruders and Deceivers (Wiley- Feb 2005)

Y11. The Art of Deception by Kevin Mitnick

Y12. Stealing the Network; How to Own the Box ( Syngress-2003)

Y13. Steal This Computer Book 3 What They Won’t Tell You About the Internet(No Starch Press c 2003 )

Y14. Spidering Hacks(O’Reilly- October 2003)

Y15. Reversing Secrets of Reverse Engineering (Apr 2005)

Y16. Practical Study Remote Access (Cisco-December 22, 2003)

Y17. PDF Hack(Aug 2004)

Y18. PC Hacks(Oct 2004)

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